A 60 minutes hand-picked playlist that will get you unroll your mat “pronto”!

In Non classé by Valentine Bois

Practicing yoga to the sound of music or in silence is a vivid debate in the yoga community and will continue to be for it is a question of personal preference and choice rather than an absolute right or wrong.

A lot has been written and said on the topic already so I won’t elaborate on each opposing (yet sometimes complementary) theory but if I try to summarize, we have:

The “No-No” tribe. Their adage?

  • Music is distracting and we don’t need more external stimuli, we’ve got enough
  • Not everybody likes the same kind of music so don’t impose anything on anyone
  • Music is often associated with emotions and can create unnecessary triggers
  • Etc…

The “Hell Yes” posse. Their motto?

  • Music creates a relaxing atmosphere
  • Music helps release tensions, it has a healing power
  • Music is a source of energy and positive vibrations
  • Etc…

The “Well, it depends” crew. Their view?

  • Yes but only Indian or soft ambient music
  • Yes but for dynamic / flow classes only
  • No unless it serves a specific purpose (focus and concentration, healing)
  • No unless clients specifically asks for it
  • Etc…

Wanna know how I feel about it? “Hell Yes” I am boosted by music, but I also believe it’s all about moderation (I’m Swiss after all) and appropriateness (the right placed song is just like the right placed pose in a sequence).

Now you. If you like the idea of “tuning in”, click HERE to get my November 60 minutes playlist for you to enjoy. And I bet it’s gonna get you unroll your mat pronto!

  • SentimientosTango Project
  • Higher Love ­- James Vincent Mc Morrow
  • UnintendedMuse
  • TryColbie Caillat
  • One DayMatisyahu
  • When We Were YoungPassenger
  • Aloha Ke AkuaNahko Bear
  • ThunderImagine Dragons
  • HappyBurak Yeter
  • PerfectEd Sheeran
  • Life UncommonJewel
  • Om Namo NarayaniEdo&Jo