From corporate marketer to yoga teacher: growing a little wiser, bolder and stronger through career change.

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Deciding to leave a well paying corporate job is no easy task, especially when there is nothing fundamentally wrong with it other than a silent but lasting feeling that you just don’t fit in anymore.

When I woke up on August 31st, it was not to drive to the office. That routine was over. Instead, I was heading to the airport to catch a plane to Berlin for a 27-days yoga teacher training.

That morning felt surreal, exciting, scary, all at the same time. I had been contemplating making that career move for a while already and here I was finally embarking on my new life journey. And there was no looking back. I had resigned from my job and paid for the training, ready to say “goodbye rat race” and “hello yoga magic”.

Reflecting on the emotional and physical roller coaster I went through negotiating for this sharp life turn, here are 3 important things I learnt.

We must trust our internal wisdom council

Taking this sharp life turn would not have been possible without the love of my family and the support from my friends but most importantly, it took guts and trusting the wisdom of my instincts over the chattering of my logic.

Yes, I have actively sought advice amongst smart and wise people but the only place I asked for permission is within. Our internal wisdom council wants us to win. It really really does. So we need to trust what we already know to be true in our heart.

Growth lives on the other side of fear

Over the past 10+ years, my life was comfortable and I was playing it safe. Or rather, I was avoiding risk. Nothing wrong with that I hear you say? Well, truth is, when we’re not stretching, exploring and facing our fears, we’re not growing because “fear is progress waiting to happen” (quoting Robin Sharma).

One of the biggest challenges to making progress with something new is not being able to let go of the old. For a long time I tried to keep one foot in the familiar corporate maze, only to realize I was self-sabotaging my chances to succeed at teaching yoga.

Struggling and being strong are 2 very different concepts

No pain no gain has been my mantra for years. I was convinced struggle was leading to strength and believing I was strong for that matter. But I was wrong (not strong). The main epiphany of my yoga training is that strength resides in the ability to approach life in a struggle-free way.

On the mat, we should go for intensity, not pain and use the power of breathe to ease in poses pose when flirting with our edges. It is not ok to push beyond our limits.

Same is true beyond the mat. We only have so much energy available in a given day so instead of spending it struggling against things we can’t control (i.e. the past, others, external circumstances) we grow stronger by focusing on our big life goals.

Sometimes in life we take a leap of faith. Remember, the leap is not about getting from one side to the other. It’s simply about taking the leap….and trusting the air, the universal breath, will support your wings so that you may soar. – Kristi Bowman